Touring and Recording Brief History

Danny was discovered at age 19 by Rick Derringer, who upon seeing young Danny perform, made him an offer to tour, write and record. They did 4 records together. Then Danny played for Axis (R.C.A.), Rod Stewart then approached Danny, They wrote played and toured on the “Passion” tour which spawned the release of Tonight I’m yours. At this time Danny was also involved with Alice Cooper and his band Special Forces. Eddie Van Halen was quoted in Guitar Player magazine as saying “My favorite guitarist is Danny Johnson”. Van Halen backed this statement up by asking Danny to play in a band he was recording called PRIVATE LIFE. Danny did 2 albums with them, and two major tours opening up for Van Halen. Then Danny was asked to fill the shoes of guitar greats Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai as the guitarist for Alcatrazz with one of rocks greatest voices, Graham Bonnet. He wrote, recorded and toured on Alcatrazz’s Dangerous Games album, and wrote the title track. When Graham Bonnet put out his masterpiece solo CD “Underground”, Danny wrote, produced and played guitar for his friend. Originally from Louisiana, Danny moved to Nashville when John Kay and Steppenwolf came calling. See his Discography here.

Touring and recording has turned Danny into a seasoned professional. Known for his crunching guitar riffs, soulful voice, and true honest conviction when he performs. His solo release “Grih Grih thing”, which was released in 1997, will soon be available in Europe. “Over Cloud Nine” brought Danny worldwide attention. Danny brings in former band mate Rick Derringer on “House of the Rising Sun”, and his former band mates from the Rod Stewart band, Carmine Appice and Jay Davis also Leo Lyons of Ten Years After and Richard Young of Kentucky Headhunters are on the CD as well.

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