Purchasing an MP3 or zip compressed Album on a apple smart device.
It appears the only way to download and save any kind of file including PDF, MP3, in our situation MP3 on iPhone / iPad devices is by using a 3rd party app. One that is suggested on ipadforums.net is GoodReader. I purchased it for 4.99 to test it. It allows me to download the MP3′s and listen to them by selecting them at any time from that app. It also allows me to unzip the zip compressed album file which is cool for saving a single file as a download for the whole album. But, it doesn’t save the files so they play in the iPod app, so that’s not cool (this is because of how the iPad/iPhone is programed). It only saves and plays them in the GoodReader app, which does have continuous play through the album.


update: as a convenience to iPhone and iPad users “Love Sweat and Blood” is now available on iTunes. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-sweat-and-blood/id527322146

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