Axis in 1978

Axis is a new band with a definite future


Every now and then there will be an album put out that is a rock ‘n roll fan’s delight. Well, it’s here. The album is “Circus World.” The band is called Axis. The name may not ring: a bell yet – but watch out. The three members of this band are young, full of energy, and extremely talented. They are Vinny Appice on drums, Danny Johnson on guitar and vocals, and Jay Davis on bass and vocals. For those of you who follow rock closely, you probably know that Appice and Johnson were the main force behind the past Rick Derringer band and Davis was the original bass player for the now super group Foreigner. The album was produced by Andy John who has produced albums for Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, and Rod Stewart.

“Circus World” starts off with “Brown Eyes,” Axis’ soon·to·be·released single, and maintains an incredible amount of power and versatility until the very end. If you’re a musician, you’ll be impressed by the way each member has mastered his instrument; if you’re just a rock lover, try to keep your foot from tapping through “Cats in the Alley.” The band is on tour now and should be in this area very soon. When they get here don’t miss their show. Until then, check out the album and see for yourself that this band has a definite future. More important is that you’re going to love it to death.

Songs are Brown Eyes, Busted Love, Juggler, Soldier of Love, Train, Armageddon, Ray’s Electric Farm, Stormy Weather. Cats in the Alley, Bandits of Rock, and Circus World.

(Beaver County (Pa.) Times – Wednesday, Decemuer 6, 1978 B-5)

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